Workshop Wednesday (Pt 3): Direct Action

This is a visual tool that gives the basic outline and/or check-list on putting together a direct action. Though direct actions can be violent (such as sabotage and property destruction) and non-violent (such as strikes, sit-ins, and blockades), the goal is always to stop, change, or reveal an oppressive institutional mechanism.

This tool is best presented with the tools on Inclusive Policies & Procedures and Inclusive Programming.

Activity Idea

Divide the group into three, and assign each group one of each of the following posters:  Dis/Ableism 101, the Pillars of White Supremacy, and The Gender Binary. Each group then has to work as a small collective on planning a direct action against an institutional form of the oppression they were assigned.

Poster Description

The top half of the poster is in indigo, and the lower half of the poster is in mauve.

In the indigo section there are pale purple graphics like a sliced up circle on the left corner and a jagged line on the right. In white there is the title “Direct Action”. Below the title are three black and white photos. The first photo has a notebook open with some drawings of stick figures and the word “PLANNING” written down by a light-skinned hand holding a pen. Underneath that photo is the word “PRE-ACTION”. The second photo has a dark-skinned fist raised in the foreground; the background has people, one holding a megaphone, in front of buildings and trees. Underneath that photo are the words “DURING ACTION”. The third photo has dark-skinned hands typing on a laptop. Underneath the photo are the words “POST ACTION”.

In the mauve section of the poster are three columns of indigo words, as well as “” and “” at the bottom right corner of the poster in pale purple.

The first column under the title “PRE-ACTION” has the following text:

” – set goals
– get different kinds of training
– fundraising
– research/info gathering
– scouting
– create group and assign roles
– legal support plan
– action plans and safety plans
– get clear on messaging
– acquire appropriate gear
– outreach initiatives”

The second column under the title “DURING ACTION” has the following text:

“- transportation
– provisions (food, medical, etc)
– internal process, external lookout, and communications
– legal observer
– documentation (notes, photos, videos)
– public liaison (flyers, etc.)
– media (press release, update)
– stage director
– police liaison”

The third column under the title “POST ACTION” has the following text:

“- legal and jail support
– collect documentation
– report back, debrief, next steps
– post press release
– collect gear back
– update website, write articles, and explain how to duplicate the action for others
– contact media
– celebrate!”

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