Workshop Wednesday (Pt 1): Inclusive Policies & Procedures

This is a visual tool that gives a basic outline on how to plan the sections for creating inclusive policies and procedures for your organization, collective, or group. Ideally, these policies and procedures would center those most affected by the mission and ideals of the group, as well as have them in leadership positions, so they would not have to be considered simply “included”.

Having something written down ensures that even if individual members of the group leaves, these words can continue afterwards as part of the group’s story, a record that helps guide new members to live out the group’s ideals. On top of that, when the group needs to align more with its ideals, the policies can be changed to continue to reflect the growth of the group.

This tool is best presented with the tools on Inclusive Programming and Direct Action.

Activity Idea

Divide the group into three, and assign each group one of each of the following posters: Dis/Ableism 101, the Pillars of White Supremacy, and The Gender Binary. Each group then has to work as a small collective writing policies and procedures to combat the specific oppression they were assigned within their organization.

Poster Description

The main colours are white and orange. At the top of the post is the word “INCLUSIVE”. The is a dark orange and light orange box underneath the word.

In the dark orange box, in white font, is the following text:


– What is your organization about? (Empowerment? Rights? Protection?)

– What is this policy for? (Attitudes, knowledges, practices, etc.)
– Who is it for? (Board, clients, staff, guests, etc.)

– Ex: diversity, equity, anti-discrimination, democratic, anarchistic, collaborative, etc.,

– State the situation/problem and solution


In the light orange box, in dark orange font, is the following text:


– Governance (representation
– Employment (equitable access)
-Services (equitable access)
– Training & Education (for providers serving clients)
– Info & Communication (for diverse communities about the services)
– Complaints & Accountability (for organization and providers to be accountable to the community and each other)

– ensure accessibility

– Update staff, forms, manuals, and other documentation”

At the bottom of the poster, in dark orange font, has “” and ““.

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