[Image made with Canva. The background is black with white text. On the left are three photos placed vertically. The top photo is of Noah Heart, a brown-skinned man with black hair and glasses wearing a long-sleeved shirt praying to the statue of an angel and lit up by a ball of light. The middle photo is of Nanay Myrna Pula, a smiling brown-skinned woman with black hair wearing beaded and hand-stitched T’Boli regalia in colours of black, yellow, red, white, and green. The final photo is a picture of Lukayo at a microphone wearing a T’Boli t’nalak vest, white short-sleeved barong and black pants, holding their Anishinaabe drum Iba, explaining the painting on it that came from a dream sent by the Ancestors and Creator about indigenous solidarity and uniting tribes across the ocean. They were performing at an Obo Manobo fundraiser. On the right of the three photos, there is rainbow coloured confetti, streamers, and balloons. One balloon says “CONGRATS”. The text says “WE REACHED THE FIRST $150 GOAL ON PATREON! DIYOS MABALOS! Thank you to everyone that shared and became a patron! WWW.LUKAYO.COM”]

In celebration of this first milestone in achieving our $150 goal, I will be making TWO posts on Workshop Wednesday this week, and one of them will be free!

Thanks to all the people that liked, shared, and/or became a patron, I can now send at least 2000 piso a month to my uncle Noah Heart in supporting his healing work in the Philippines, and 2000 piso a month to Nanay Myrna Pula in building a school for the T’Boli community in her region. The rest of the $50 CAD a month will be going to my Obo Manobo Elder and teacher to support the education of the tribe through building a cultural festival and sending members to school. I do not have a picture of that elder up as I have been asked not to put up their name or photo in public, so instead I put up a photo of myself speaking at a fundraiser for the Obo Manobo organized by Luyos MaryCarl.