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[Update] hawak: a bodywork rpg retreat – July 29 & 30 2023

Image description: Against a dark green background, there is a variety of bodies and skin tones intertwined with plant life and glittering stars.   Hawak means “a torso” or “the stalk of a plant” in Bikol, and “to hold in one’s hand” in Tagalog. As the title of the game, hawak implies our body’s physical […]

[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

Hello lovely Patrons! 2020 has been a rough year for many people, which is why your generous monthly patronage has been so appreciated during these times. Here’s an update as to what your donations were used for by my elders and teachers. Nanay Myrna Pula of the T’Boli people (in Southern Philippines) has been able […]

Update: Our First Retreat!

Hey folks! So sorry for the lack of recent updates, I just helped co-organize our first retreat almost two weeks ago! Reflections about the retreat are upcoming as I go through the logistical and administrative process of wrapping up finances for our first event, but I want every patron to know that your support is […]

Update: Still Chronically Ill

Hello folks, I want to apologize that I haven’t been keeping up with this website and Patreon due to increasing chronic illness and disability, and that I am packing up and moving from Tkaronto/Toronto back to Odaawaa/Ottawa in the next two months. The good news is that I found a lot of old art, poetry, […]

News: Schedule Update, Upcoming Show & More!

Thank you all for your patience as I mourned and worked through grief, theft, and injury in the last month or so. In the meantime, I’ve also been doing a lot more healing work with clients / community members, and I’m part of a spiritual art show! This means that I will no longer have […]

Indefinite Hiatus on New Posts

Hey folks, though I’ve healed from my injury, two recent deaths last week in the QTBIPOC communities I’m a part of requires me to have time away from posting. I also took down the Musings Monday on transmisogyny in nonbinary communities I posted earlier because it still needs a lot of revisions. If you were […]

News: No Posting This Week

My apologies, dearest patrons and followers. Unfortunately, due to a severe injury, I am mostly bedridden and require this week for recovery, so there will be no Patreon posts until Monday September 17th. In the meantime, check out Rest for Resistance’s website, specifically this article on The Privilege of Getting to Rest: Let’s Shift the […]


[Image made with Canva. The background is black with white text. On the left are three photos placed vertically. The top photo is of Noah Heart, a brown-skinned man with black hair and glasses wearing a long-sleeved shirt praying to the statue of an angel and lit up by a ball of light. The middle […]

Lukayo’s Kinaban – Official Patreon Launch!

Kinaban will be updated with the following schedule: Musings Monday These are blog-style posts that are open to the public and can range on whatever I’m thinking at the time. They will also update everyone on how projects are going. These posts will talk about my uncle, known as Noah Heart, the Wish Whisperer, and […]