FB Cover - Gender Binary

Workshop Wednesday: The Gender Binary

This visual teaching tool is based on the knowledge I received from the work of multiple writers and groups, such as b. binaohan, bell hooks, Janet Mock, Jennifer Coates, Julia Serano, Michael Warner, the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN), and the Positive Space Initiative (PSI) of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI). […]

News: Schedule Update, Upcoming Show & More!

Thank you all for your patience as I mourned and worked through grief, theft, and injury in the last month or so. In the meantime, I’ve also been doing a lot more healing work with clients / community members, and I’m part of a spiritual art show! This means that I will no longer have […]

Indefinite Hiatus on New Posts

Hey folks, though I’ve healed from my injury, two recent deaths last week in the QTBIPOC communities I’m a part of requires me to have time away from posting. I also took down the Musings Monday on transmisogyny in nonbinary communities I posted earlier because it still needs a lot of revisions. If you were […]


Throwback Thursday: Being Fey #2 (2004)

Image Description: The cover of the zine is a picture of a person with cat ears and tail, curly black hair, purple and black arm warmers, black jeans, striped suspenders, black sneakers, purple socks, with a tiny panda on the person’s head. The title is “being fey #2” and “VERSES / VERSUS”. The second picture […]


Throwback Thursday: Being Fey #1 (2003)

Content Warning/Trigger Warning: questioning reality/schizophrenia mention/casual saneism Image Descriptions: The cover of the zine is an abstract art piece done in charcoal with shapes that look like claws, spirals, eyes, stitches, tails, wings, etc. The text reads “being fey Issue *1 {one}” and “an experiment in self-aggrandizement”. Title page of a comic done in black […]

I Am Not A Burden

Musings Monday: I Am Not A Burden

Content Warning: ableism, ED, chronic illness, mental illness Image Description: Black background with stylized yellow stars. In a greyish-white thought bubble are the words “I Am Not A Burden” in yellow. Beside the thought bubble in yellow text is the following: “5 TIPS AGAINST INTERNALIZED ABLEISM”. Below that in white text is “patreon.com/lukayo” and “lukayo.com”. […]