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Bodywork RPGs

What’s bodywork? When I talk about “bodywork”, I’m not necessarily talking about it as a form of alternative medicine or therapeutic practice, though it can be that for many people (and definitely I’m influenced in that direction due to my training in somatic experience). However, I’m talking about bodywork as a form of nondual animism […]

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[Update] hawak: a bodywork rpg retreat – July 29 & 30 2023

Image description: Against a dark green background, there is a variety of bodies and skin tones intertwined with plant life and glittering stars.   Hawak means “a torso” or “the stalk of a plant” in Bikol, and “to hold in one’s hand” in Tagalog. As the title of the game, hawak implies our body’s physical […]

[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

Hello lovely Patrons! It’s been 2.5 years since the last update, and I appreciate your patience with me as I focused on my health and continued to send your money monthly to the patronage recipients. Here’s some of what your donations were used for by elders, teachers, and healers. Nanay Myrna Pula of the T’Boli […]

Update: Tentative Return in July 2023

Though my healing and recovery journey is still at the forefront, I’ve reached enough capacity to tentatively return to maintaining this website, taking on creative and artistic work, and continuing the fundraising campaign on Patreon for my indigenous and Filipino teachers. I will also be introducing new projects, such as my creative and spiritual partnership […]

Update: On Hiatus During 2022

For the year 2022, I will be taking a break from making new content or committing to new projects while I focus on my healing and recovery. What this means is that projects I’ve already discussed with folks in 2021 I may still continue to work on, however, any new asks for this year I […]

[Poem] From Tinder to Flame

From Tinder To Flame Chapter 1 of Uriel’s Prophecies I meet Uriel in a park across the street From a local cafe in Little Italy, Their mask bright and glittering with fractal Holographic flames, covering half their face Short thick curls of their beard peeping Out in the gaps of the string looped Around ears […]

[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

Hello lovely Patrons! 2020 has been a rough year for many people, which is why your generous monthly patronage has been so appreciated during these times. Here’s an update as to what your donations were used for by my elders and teachers. Nanay Myrna Pula of the T’Boli people (in Southern Philippines) has been able […]

[PATREON EXCERPT] When The Earth Blinks: January 2021

“When the Earth Blinks” is a series of horoscope-inspired musings on how different Rising and Sun signs can be affected by current transits. The phrase is based on my celestial spiritworker Bikol diasporic understanding of Hellenistic Astrology, specifically that Daga’s (the Earth spirit’s) siblings Aldao (Sun spirit), Bulan (Moon spirit), and Bitoon (Star spirit) give […]

Coming Home To Centre [PATREON ARTICLE]

CW/TW: discussion on abuse, cults, oppression . . . Introduction As I share and discuss Homecoming Teachings and cultural attachment (through the cultural somatics Ritual As Justice School), a common theme keeps coming up: many of us do not have the luxury of starting from a place of strong cultural attachment, i.e. what the Homecoming […]

Happy New Year! Update

There’s so much and so little I can say about the last year, but for now I just want to send you all my love and hope for the new year that’s begun, as well as update you on what’s next for the Kinaban Patreon. First, the December article is late, but should be out […]