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My life’s work is to provide healing and ritual to the communities I serve via art and activism. I can’t charge for the healing work I do (though I can accept donations only if they’re offered). Because of this, the only way to fund my community projects (such as supporting my Elders in building schools in the Philippines and creating sacred retreats in Turtle Island/Canada) is through crowdfunding and patronage through Patreon. I can at least charge for and share all the spoken word, poetry, visual art, music, and creative educational materials I’ve ever made with my patrons. Becoming a patron isn’t just about supporting me, but mainly about supporting community healing.



  1. To assist the Elders and healers in Canada and the Philippines who have supported my training and healing journey. This money will support their livelihood as healers and leaders of their communities, as well as funding projects such as schools for the youth to continue to pass down their indigenous traditions. One of the healers is my uncle, and the Elders I support are from the T’Boli and Manobo tribes.
  2.  To organize weekend creative retreats of sacred knowledge and activism for Filipino/Pilipinx peoples in the diaspora.
  3. To work with and pay Black and Indigenous facilitators to co-organize and co-facilitate weekend creative retreats of sacred knowledge and activism for QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour).
  4.  To co-organize and launch an annual week-long creative retreat of sacred knowledge and activism outside of a city (possibly on a participating reserve with Two Spirit Elders).
  5. To co-organize the building of a retreat centre for ceremony, art, and activism that centers Two Spirit communities in solidarity with trans and queer Black folks and people of colour.



New 2021 Tier System


  • At least 1 post per month. These posts will either be poetry or articles on astrology.
  • Whatever amount you subscribe, you’ll have access to all previous posts (even ones that were locked from you), as well as the new ones.

Kinaban Discord Server

  • Chat with Lukayo, other patrons, and like-minded folks on the Kinaban Discord server, where there will occasionally be livestreams on a specific topic. This is automatically available to anyone who follows this page, is a patron, or has attended any of my workshops.
  • The audio for the livestreams will be recorded, so the information can be accessible after the livestream in case you missed it. Transcripts are available upon request. Available to Children of Kawayan ($3 USD Patrons) and beyond.

Spiritual Consultation

  • ​You can book a one hour consultation for divination and spiritual coaching as a Child of Aldao ($10 USD Patron). For a two hour consultation, you can subscribe as a Child of Bitoon ($20 USD Patron).

​Celestial Ceremony/Astrology

  • An astrological consultation with a birth chart reading is available to Children of Manual ($25 USD Patrons).
  • 1 advanced astrology report –such as relationship charts (synastry, composite), progressed chart reviewing major life changes from age 0-80, major yearly transits, planetary returns (saturn return, jupiter return, solar return, mercury return, venus return, mars return, lunar return), vocational reading– is available to Children of Gugurang ($40 USD Patrons) and beyond.
  • Monthly advanced astrology reports (where a patron will eventually receive one of the above aforementioned types) are available to Children of Ibalon ($100 USD Patrons) and Children of Daragang Magayon ($500 USD Patrons).

Creative Commissions

  • A patron can request 1 commission of any of the following: visual arts, song, poetry, story/fiction, instrumental musical number. This is available to Children of Gugurang ($50 USD Patrons) and Children of Ibalon ($100 USD Patrons).
  • Monthly requests (up to 12 for a whole year) of a creative commission are available to Children of Daragang Magayon ($500 USD Patrons).


  • When the healing retreat centre is being built, a section or room will be named after any patron subscribed as a Child of Kapaladan ($1000 USD Patron).

Spiritual Mentorship

  • If you seek spiritual mentorship from me, Lukayo, at minimum you need to subscribe to this Patreon, to support the lineages/Elders/teachers that directly have mentored and cared for me. It doesn’t matter what tier you subscribe to, for this is an offering from you. Once I know you’ve made that initial commitment, we can schedule a time to do a divination together in-person or over Google Meet to determine if I am meant to mentor you, or if I need to refer you to someone else, and what the scope of our work together will be. I also cannot guarantee the timeline or immediacy of mentorship, as I may be at capacity when you apply to work and grow with me.

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