To book Lukayo for a workshop, presentation, or to facilitate a discussion, please email them at lukayo.estrella[at] Rates are dependent on your budget and location. If these are events outside of Ottawa, Ontario, transportation and accommodations must be provided. Typically, one hour of performance, presentation, or facilitation is approximately $250, sliding scale. Lukayo Estrella apologizes that all presentations at this time are only in English, but encourages organizers for ASL interpretation and language translation of presentations. Accommodations involving thorough PowerPoint and Prezi presentations can be made. All presentations will always begin with a land accountability statement, as well as a brief introduction in Tagalog (one of Lukayo`s native languages) and Anishinaabemowin (the native language of the territory Lukayo has been welcomed in). Partial proceeds of all workshops will be donated to the First Peoples of the land the workshop is being conducted on.


Keynote: This Is My Confessional (1 hour)

Incorporating storytelling, humour, spoken word, and a discussion at the end, this presentation is suitable for large audiences of youth from Grades 6 and higher. An uplifting story that incorporates themes of anti-racism, anti-cissexism/anti-transphobia, and anti-bullying, Lukayo’s life story will make you both cry and laugh as you learn about what it was like growing up as a brown trans youth in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Counselors and support workers should be on hand during this presentation. Trigger/Content Warning: Mentions death, violence, harassment, suicidality. Note: To combat ongoing erasure and appropriation of Black culture and lives, partial proceeds of this presentation will be donated to Black Lives Matter and similar collectives. 


Spoken Word & Slam Poetry 101 (1-3 hours)

This workshop explores the history and techniques of spoken word and slam poetry, as well as tackles questions of Black cultural appropriation for non-Black poets, and how to create work that is respectful and give backs to the community. Participants will have a chance to write new work, practice performance techniques, and present their pre-written or new work at the workshop.  Note: To combat ongoing erasure and appropriation of Black culture and lives, partial proceeds of this presentation will be donated to Black Lives Matter and similar collectives. 


Intersectional Anti-Oppression: Approaches to Action (2-5 hours)

In this interactive keynote, Lukayo will use anecdotal stories and group work activities to explain oppression, privilege, and how folks can work together so that no one’s left behind. Emphasis will be placed equally on oppression theory (history, logic, and levels) as well as liberation strategies tailored for participants’ ongoing or future projects.


Gender Diversity 101 (1-3 hours)

This workshop will explore our concepts of gender through the lens of decolonization, while also giving tips about how folks can support trans justice and trans people in their life. Each presentation can be tailored specifically for teachers, administration, for students, or specifically for gender diverse participants themselves. If the presentation is geared towards non-cisgender people, it will focus more on supports, resources, and strategies, as well as discussion and sharing. Since Lukayo Estrella does not experience transmisogyny, they prefer to co-present this workshop with someone who has, and welcomes local workshop presenters to be remunerated and part of the presentation if this is an out-of-town booking.


Healthier Relationships 101 (3 hours)

If you need to provide an overview of self-care, consent, communication, boundaries, and relationship-building, this workshop goes over each concept with either an activity or easy-to-remember visual aid/chart, including hand-outs. However, if you’d like to go deeper into each concept, please book a separate workshop each on 1) Self-Care & Boundaries, 2) Consent & Communication, and 3) Relationship-Building and Safety Planning.


Transformative Justice 101 or Planning To Be Good to Each Other (1-3 hours)

Ideal for organizations or collectives, this workshop overviews the concepts of self-accountability, accountable communities, community accountability, organizational accountability, and how that ties in to the larger movements of prison abolition and transformative justice. If your organization or collective is already familiar with transformative justice concepts, then please organize a separate workshop each on 1) Self-Accountability Skills and Support, 2) Transformative Justice Community Strategies, and 3) Organizational Policies and Procedures of Transformative Justice.


The Soul Wound: Decolonizing Trauma 101 (3 hours)

Based on works by Grace Nono, Eduardo Duran, and Renee Linklater, this workshop will explore both Western and non-Western approaches to healing trauma, or “soul wounds”/ “wounds of the spirit”. Lukayo will also be drawing upon their background in peer support, co-counseling, and somatic experiencing trauma counseling, as well as traditional healing practices of Bikol and general Filipino peoples. The goal of this workshop is to explain non-Western approaches to trauma while not discounting the available Western avenues of healing. The first hour will be a go around and check in with all participants, creating group guidelines together on healing and sharing space. The second hour will be a discussion and sharing with each other on soul/spirit wounds, where they come from and how colonization/racism/heterosexism/cisgenderism creates and perpetuates them, their effects on our lives, and Western and non-Western approaches to healing. The third hour will introduce some techniques folks can practice on their own. Note: If it cannot be ensured that participants can receive continuing levels of care after they leave the workshop, Lukayo will be extremely cautious about how “deep” any of the techniques will go, and will also offer contact information for folks who may need pay-what-you-can consultation or referral of services after the workshop.