As of Spring 2021, Lukayo has shifted direction in their public speaking engagements, and will only be discussing or facilitating on the following topics:

  • Healing Justice & Spiritwork/Astrology
  • Transformative Justice & Animism
  • Filipino/Pilipinx Folk/Animist Practices
  • Sacred Sexuality & Gender / Reclaiming Pleasure

Additionally, facilitation of these topics must involve one or both of the following enthusiastic requests from organizers seeking a workshop:

  • The use of games and play as a method of learning and community-building
  • The use of creating arts/crafts/music/poetry/dance as a method of learning and community-building

Lukayo will no longer be offering workshops where it’s mostly discussion-based, and will not be facilitating on anti-oppression 101 topics that do not include spirituality/the spirit world.


To book Lukayo for a workshop, presentation, or to facilitate a discussion, please email them at lukayo.estrella[at] Rates are dependent on your budget and location. If these are events outside of Ottawa, Ontario, transportation and accommodations must be provided, however during the COVID pandemic, all presentations will be done virtually. Typically, one hour of performance, presentation, or facilitation is approximately $250, sliding scale. Lukayo Estrella apologizes that all presentations at this time are only in English, but encourages organizers for ASL interpretation and language translation of presentations. Accommodations involving thorough Google Slides presentations can be made. All presentations will always begin with a land accountability statement, as well as a brief introduction in Tagalog (one of Lukayo`s native languages) and Anishinaabemowin (the native language of the territory Lukayo has been welcomed in). Partial proceeds of all workshops will be donated to the First Peoples of the land the workshop is being conducted on.


The Soul Wound: Anti-colonial Trauma Work (3 hours)

Based on works by Grace Nono, Eduardo Duran, and Renee Linklater, this workshop will explore both Western and non-Western approaches to healing trauma, or “soul wounds”/ “wounds of the spirit”. Lukayo will also be drawing upon their background in peer support, co-counseling, and somatic experiencing trauma counseling, as well as traditional healing practices of Bikol and general Filipino peoples. The goal of this workshop is to explain non-Western approaches to trauma while not discounting the available Western avenues of healing. The first hour will be a go around and check in with all participants, creating group guidelines together on healing and sharing space. The second hour will be creating art to discuss and share with each other on soul/spirit wounds, where they come from and how colonization/racism/heterosexism/cisgenderism creates and perpetuates them, their effects on our lives, and Western and non-Western approaches to healing. The third hour will introduce some techniques folks can practice on their own. Note: If it cannot be ensured that participants can receive continuing levels of care after they leave the workshop, Lukayo will be extremely cautious about how “deep” any of the techniques will go, and will also offer contact information for folks who may need pay-what-you-can consultation or referral of services after the workshop.