Update: Tentative Return in July 2023

Though my healing and recovery journey is still at the forefront, I’ve reached enough capacity to tentatively return to maintaining this website, taking on creative and artistic work, and continuing the fundraising campaign on Patreon for my indigenous and Filipino teachers. I will also be introducing new projects, such as my creative and spiritual partnership with Felix Policarpio in the Dupil Collective, my solo workshops on Animist Language Arts, and facilitating Bodywork RPG Retreats.

I’ll be updating the website in the next week or so with all the new information, including revamping the Patreon, adding a Calendly link to book me for sessions/meetings/performances/workshops, and how to register for upcoming events/workshops.

Thank you to all who continue to support me, my wellbeing, and my visions! Gugurang Mabalos.