[Update] hawak: a bodywork rpg retreat – July 29 & 30 2023

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Image description: Against a dark green background, there is a variety of bodies and skin tones intertwined with plant life and glittering stars.


Hawak means “a torso” or “the stalk of a plant” in Bikol, and “to hold in one’s hand” in Tagalog. As the title of the game, hawak implies our body’s physical connection to the land, and the power we hold to enact change.

This is a free weekend mini-retreat that takes place at Biblioterre (169 Chem. Parent, Alcove, QC J0X 1A0) on Saturday July 29 and/or Sunday July 30. The goal of the retreat is to offer a space/time where people can lovingly connect with their bodies and the land through creative play — specifically by testing out a “game” called HAWAK created by Lukayo Bito’on (there may be opportunities to try other games and to play mini-games). We will be centering and prioritizing Filipinx peoples and experiences, but this gathering is open to all.

Maximum participants: 20
(All minors need to be accompanied by an adult.)

Registration deadline is Friday, July 14th, 2023 but I will be accepting late registration until the day before the retreat. Late registration means we cannot guarantee assistance with transportation, accommodations, food, and other access needs.

The retreat would start with a collaborative opening ceremony that discusses indigenous stewardship, the land, and the stewardship of our bodies. I would also share some cultural pieces from my own ancestry and teachers. Participants would then introduce themselves to each other using games, and that would lead into a larger game where we arrange the schedule of the day together by organizing the main pieces of the agenda into the time left that we have at the retreat. The agenda pieces would include bodywork practices, creative/creation rituals, and playing games. We follow this agenda we’ve co-created, and then have a collaborative closing ceremony.

Click this link for more information and to register.