Throwback Thursday: Mnemosyne’s Carcass

Artwork from Mnemosyne’s Carcass, a zine I published in 2005 with my original illustrations and some creative non-fiction rambling.

Image Descriptions

The first scan is of the cover and back cover of a black and white ‘zine/chapbook. The cover is an inked drawing of a pale woman with pale hair. The title is “being fey #4” and the subtitle is “MNEMOSYNE’S CARCASS”. On the back cover is a poem in heavily stylized font. This is the poem:

“This is for Mnemosyne
the Goddess of Memory
whose sullen carcass lies in my
riddled by the carrion birds
of elusive Time
so that my Ever-Present is
assaulted by the stench
of her rotting immortality

here’s to you, Mnemosyne!
for leaving
only broken bits
of me
to remember.”

At the bottom of the poem there is a logo of an eye bursting out of stitches and the words “NEKUSIS PUBLISHING”.

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