Throwback Thursday: Being Fey #2 (2004)

Image Description:

The cover of the zine is a picture of a person with cat ears and tail, curly black hair, purple and black arm warmers, black jeans, striped suspenders, black sneakers, purple socks, with a tiny panda on the person’s head. The title is “being fey #2” and “VERSES / VERSUS”.

The second picture has many beings– a curly-haired Asian person wearing fishnets and a skirt, with several spirits (a short-haired face with glasses, a partially-shaved face, a person with a tie, a person with long hair, a black cat, and a panda). They are facing away from a white person who has glasses and wearing a black vest, with a dragon spirit on their shoulders. The dragon and the panda are reaching for each other. The title of the picture is “Hex and Verd”.

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