Throwback Thursday: Being Fey #1 (2003)

Content Warning/Trigger Warning: questioning reality/schizophrenia mention/casual saneism

Image Descriptions:

The cover of the zine is an abstract art piece done in charcoal with shapes that look like claws, spirals, eyes, stitches, tails, wings, etc. The text reads “being fey Issue *1 {one}” and “an experiment in self-aggrandizement”.

Title page of a comic done in black ink and charcoal. The main picture is a bespectacled pale-skinned figure with a goatee and short spiky dark hair sitting at a computer on top of a next of tentacle wires, with a shadowed winged reptilian silhouette looming behind them. There is a small panel close-up of the person’s eye glancing to the side over one of the lenses of their glasses. The title is “Issue #1: Steam”. The thought bubbles read: “I can feel it again, watching me… gah. Everytime I turn around, or look at it directly… it just disappears. Gone. But I KNOW it’s there.”

Four panels. The person is leaving their apartment while the shadowy figure hovers above them, follows closely behind, and at one point is snaking a tongue into their ear. The person ends up facing a closed door, with a shot of their undercut/partially shaved head. The thought bubbles read: “Only a matter of time… before. I… fuckin’… snapped. I had to make sure I wasn’t schizo.” In a speech bubble, the person is saying: “Brad! Open up! I need to talk to you. There’s this thing that keeps fol–“

Two panels. In the first panel, the tall bespectacled person in a black trenchcoat is staring down a second, smaller person with long pale/white hair, pale skin, bare foot and in a frilly dress. They are having a conversation on the second person’s doorstep. The conversation is as follows:

  • “Yes?”
  • “!!!”
  • “Can I help you?”
  • “Uh, I musta gotten the wrong house…”
  • “Are you looking for Bradley?”
  • “Yeah, are you his little sister or something?”
  • “No silly…”

The last panel is a close-up of the second person’s face as they say: “I AM Brad.”

Below the panel is the words “To be continued…”

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