[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

Hello lovely Patrons!

2020 has been a rough year for many people, which is why your generous monthly patronage has been so appreciated during these times. Here’s an update as to what your donations were used for by my elders and teachers.

Nanay Myrna Pula of the T’Boli people (in Southern Philippines) has

  • been able to support dream weavers
  • facilitated the passing down of cultural knowledge to the youth, either directly or through connecting them to teachers, like kudyapi musicians
  • been part of meetings on women and combating injustice
  • been part of meetings on indigenous rights for the use of indigenous medicines

Image Description: A group of representatives from different indigenous tribes in the Philippines, standing gathered around tables, in regalia, holding up documents/certificates.

Image description: Nanay Myrna Pula teaching a group of youth from her tribe, while they wear their regalia.

Uncle Noah B. Heart (Efren Estrella Junior) has been integral in the Manila Bay Feeding Program during the pandemic outbreaks in the Philippines, of which he got an award. He is also beginning work on a feeding program for vendors in Quiapo Market.

Image Description: A group of volunteers with my Uncle Noah in front of bags of items collected for the Manila Bay Feeding Program.

Image Description: My Uncle Noah wearing a medal and holding the award for “Hero of the Year”, a specific award to folks who did work for the people during the outset of the COVID-19 outbreaks.

A community of elders and teachers among the Manobo and other indigenous peoples in Mindanao of Southern Philippines (who have been displaced by earthquakes, the pandemic, and other circumstances) are working together to build gardens, community kitchens, town halls, and shelters for numerous families. They have also been receiving emergency rice and foodstuffs from donations.

Image Description: A sign, with some of the words reading “Food support and Aid Response to Pandemic Crisis” and “Because we care”. There are plastic bags filled with food, and people picking them up.

Image Description: The plot of land and shelter built on the land, at the start of building some of the gardens and other structures.