[PATREON] Update on Patronage Recipients

Hello lovely Patrons!
It’s been 2.5 years since the last update, and I appreciate your patience with me as I focused on my health and continued to send your money monthly to the patronage recipients. Here’s some of what your donations were used for by elders, teachers, and healers.
Nanay Myrna Pula of the T’Boli people (in Southern Philippines) has
  • trained tour guides
  • done ceremonies for her people at Lake Sebu
  • given lectures on T’Boli culture
  • continued building a heritage house and school for elders to teach from
Image Description: Nanay Myrna doing a ritual with other T’boli people.
Image Description: Nanay Myrna has part a training for tour guides.
Uncle Noah B. Heart (Efren Estrella Junior) has
  • supported a feeding program in Bataan
  • supported a feeding program in Balatan, Camarines Sur
  • led many prayer and healing circles
Image Description: A sign with a picture of my Uncle Noah supporting a feeding program, near boxes and bags of food.

A community of elders, teachers, and artists among the Manobo and other indigenous peoples in Kidapawan City, Mindanao, of Southern Philippines has been working to build a healing centre so that more healers can reach community members who cannot access government-funded or privatized healthcare. They’re also working on a training program to teach themselves film making so they can create their own documentaries and take back their narrative as indigenous peoples.

Here’s an example of a video of some of the people who are taking the training and doing the work.

Video Description: A short documentary video on a specific type of insect that the Manobo people eat. One of the people narrating is Melchor Umpan Bayawan. The language is in Tagalog.