[PATREON EXCERPT] When The Earth Blinks: January 2021

“When the Earth Blinks” is a series of horoscope-inspired musings on how different Rising and Sun signs can be affected by current transits. The phrase is based on my celestial spiritworker Bikol diasporic understanding of Hellenistic Astrology, specifically that Daga’s (the Earth spirit’s) siblings Aldao (Sun spirit), Bulan (Moon spirit), and Bitoon (Star spirit) give messages to Daga’s children (us humans), and the astrological birth chart is the reflection of that message in Daga’s eye. These articles usually begin with some general thoughts on the transits, and then zero in on each Daga elemental/zodiac sign. It’s important to read the one that is your Rising sign (that is determined by the time of your birth) but you can also use your Sun sign (that is determined by the date of your birth). Feel free to message or email me if you need help determining what are your “signs”, i.e. messages from the celestial spirits.

Sun in Capricorn (Jan 1-19) and Aquarius (Jan 20-31): The Sun Spirit Stands at the Peak and Launches Into the Sky

In the Bikol/Bisayan Creation story, Aldao (the Sun Spirit) teaches Daga (the Earth Spirit) the lesson that can be learned from each of Daga’s experiences. According to my own interpretation of the story, the Earth Spirit was first shattered into twelve main pieces or elementals, what we understand as the zodiac, before shattering further and becoming the islands and continents that are on the surface of the waters. The part of Daga that is the Mountain (Capricorn) and the Sky (Aquarius) is strong during this time of the year, and the Sun Spirit illuminates those lessons of responsibility in our public roles, and also the integrity to be true to our radical (or rebellious) principles despite public pressure.

New Moon in Capricorn (Jan 13): The Moon Spirit Grows on the Mountain

There have been multiple books published on using the new moon to set intentions for the next 3-4 weeks of your life, and though I may not be able to trace the lineage of how that practice became popular among certain circles of current North American culture, I trace my own practice to rediscovering that ancient Tagalogs (and possibly also Bikol and Bisayan people) said prayers during the dark of the moon and/or the new moon asking Buwan/Bulan/the Moon Spirit for prosperity. During this upcoming new moon, the Daga elemental of the Mountain, or Capricorn, will be the strongest, signifying a general time where you can give offerings to the Moon Spirit around your ambitions, goals, career, and responsibilities. What is the summit you hope to reach this month? What are stages in your climb to reach to the top?

Venus in Capricorn (Jan 9-31): The Star Spirit Finds Love on the Summit

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Mars in Taurus (Jan 7-31): The Star Spirit Protects the Soil

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Full Moon in Leo (Jan 28): The Moon Spirit Gives Through Sacred Fire

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Mountain (Capricorn Rising and/or Sun)

The next goal in your climb, especially during this new moon, can be about understanding and loving yourself and your own transformative power grown in a world where the power structures are being broken down and renewed. This lays the groundwork for later in the month, where you can consider building frameworks on expanding your stability in innovative ways, fuelled by a passion for creativity and play. In these times of radical uncertainty, you will have to redefine the boundaries of what stability means to you even as you try to explore and establish them. The full moon gives you an opportunity to reflect on how to bring your own personal transformations to its peak.

Sky (Aquarius Rising and/or Sun)

The beginning of the month will feel like the darkness right before dawn, a time to recharge and find harmony in looking inward or to the spirits. As the Sun moves into your first house or passes closer to your birthday, not only is it a time to focus on your sense of self, but to be disciplined about how you want to expand that self instead of becoming afraid or arrogant of who you are and what you can become. The sky’s the limit but you must also learn to keep from suddenly falling. This is also because unexpected challenges from your home life during this time can be channeled into passion about how you relate to and build family. You can take the time during the full moon to reflect on how your close relationships are supporting and building you up right now, and how they too can feel like flying away from or coming home.

Ocean (Pisces Rising and/or Sun)

Your friendships (whether making new ones or maintaining existing ones) seem to be the most pressing priority floating in your life right now, and there may be a wave of erratic energy as you strive to socialize and communicate with friends as much as possible, especially if you set the intention during the new moon to sail into every friend’s online port and DMs. Be careful not to burn out on phone calls and Zoom hangouts, for later in the month you will need to move inwards, towards rest or spirituality. There will be many opportunities to explore your inner depths, which need to be tempered with a regular, structured practice– for example, a daily meditation at a set time for a set duration. The full moon can be a time of reflection to what skills you want to learn during this alone time, or new hobbies you want to try out.

Wildfire (Aries Rising and/or Sun)

You might need to set intentions during the new moon on your career or public role before you are caught up in fiery community conflict and power struggles or work place drama. If you focus on being responsible early on, then later in the month you can relax into the warm glow of being with friends and hanging out in your social circles. Be careful to remember to set up appropriate boundaries in public spaces and social networks so you don’t get burned, as this is a time where you will feel a passionate surge into building more stability in these troubling times, whether it’s financial, emotional, or otherwise. This full moon may be a time to reflect on how you can bring more pleasure and joy into your life even in the midst of all your duties and connections.

Soil (Taurus Rising and/or Sun)

Perhaps it’s cold where you are, but that hasn’t stopped your roots and vines from exploring and stretching beyond your regular comfort zones, even if just a bit here or there in taking a new class, trying to relate to other people differently, or seeking your own transformation — a seed you can plant for your new moon intention. Later in the month, whatever you’ve learned can be used for your career or public role, both in organizing the situation to your benefit as well as growing it into new forms. You may have so much energy at this time, germinating and sprouting the core of you, striving towards light, even in the most unexpected of places. The full moon may suddenly remind you about what it means to go against what your family or ancestors may have wanted for you, but it can also be a time of fruition in regards to the balance of your public and home life.

Whirlwind (Gemini Rising and/or Sun)

Brooding intensity can be spinning around you, as you contemplate what it may mean to die during this time, to merge with another completely, to grasp the depth of what your sexual orientation (or lack thereof) means for you. Whatever inward conclusions you may come to or metamorphic intentions you’ve set during the new moon, the winds will shift later in the month as you begin to journey and explore, even if it’s only through your I-have-a-thousand-browser-tabs-open readings, defining and setting boundaries for your shapeshifting while adding more forms to your repertoire. You may be buffeted by the spirit world, or your own fierce and radical visions of what these troubled times could mean. You can let the full moon be the opportunity to share what you’ve found out about yourself and the world at large.

Tides (Cancer Rising and/or Sun)

You may find yourself struggling with the rising waters of your relationships at this time, and what you’ve been neglecting in yourself that you’ve projected onto others. If you set an intention during the new moon about integrating the tough lessons of intimacy in your life, then when the tide turns later in the month to pull you into your own core depths (whether it’s what you leave behind after you die or what shell you need to grow out of), you’ll be prepared to choose the new structures being revealed to you that will support your expansive merging. Your friendships and social networks may be a source of comfort during this time, despite the waves they give off being sudden and tsunami-like. Even as your focus during this month seems flooded by the energies of others, you can take the time during the full moon to consider your own security in the midst of it all.

Bonfire (Leo Rising and/or Sun)

Being a skillful and warm mentor to others may be taking up your time, and you can definitely set the intention during this new moon about continuing to be a beacon for others. However, later in the month, the spotlight shifts towards what your close relationships give to you, and what you give them back, whether it’s your love or your projections about what love is about. You may enter a dance of setting boundaries while also stoking the fires of what the best a relationship can offer. It’s a complicated set of steps as you may also get burned by fiery conflict in your workplace or public roles. The full moon is a reflection of your light– take the time to face what and who you are, regardless of all the external demands of others’ needs and perceptions of you this month.

Sands (Virgo Rising and/or Sun)

This may actually be a fun time for you, with a lot of unexpected and passionate energy towards things that bring you pleasure and fun, that expand your horizons and take you to new places of learning. You can set an intention for the new moon on further orienting towards play and creativity, which can serve you in good stead later in the month, as you get to the nitty gritty of honing and focusing on your skills and specific interests that you feel best serves you and others. The full moon can be a time where you reflect on the shifting sands of your own spirituality, or at the very least, feeling into what it is you need to hold onto for improvement, and what needs to be let go.

Breeze (Libra Rising and/or Sun)

The hot winds that may be coming from your family life (chosen or of origin) right now, how they relate to you and have power over you, may need some intentions set for the new moon so that you can move towards resolving conflict, or at least feel like everyone is being treated fairly. You may feel blown over, as well, by the unexpected drive towards facing the crises all around you or inside you, especially when it comes to matters of major transitions in life and intimacy. Later in the month, you might be able to breathe easier, as you can switch your focus to the children in your life, or the child inside you, making room for more fun and laughter — though you may still have to set boundaries here so as not to get carried away. The full moon can be an opportunity for reflecting and reaching out to your friends and social networks, appreciating how they can be there for you even as you navigate the needs of your ancestors and your children, the needs of home and of play.

Storm (Scorpio Rising and/or Sun)

You may be gathering information at this time like clouds darkening the horizon, or you may be unleashing a torrent of words to those close to you, especially towards your relationships, that seem to be ramping up in intensity, making leaps and bounds while being caught up in a passionate downpour. You can set an intention for the new moon in regards to what you really need to communicate to others at this time, about your interpersonal desires, and also what it means to be a part of your family. That’s because later in the month, you’ll turn your attention towards home, how you want to grow it and how you want to structure it, at the same time. You can also use the time of the full moon to reflect on how all this will impact your career or who you want to be known as publicly.

Lightning (Sagittarius Rising and/or Sun)

You may be focused on your security during these times — how your relationships establish your stability, and not just your finances, especially in these unstable and electrifying times. If you set intentions during the new moon on how to feel grounded, and not just prosperous, it may also be fueled by a passion for understanding what makes you useful to others and how they can mentor and be useful to you. Later in the month, you can take all the goals and conclusions you’ve come up with and begin communicating it with those that need to know, ensuring folks can see the flash of aspiration as well as the structure of your needs. The full moon can be a period of reflection as to what else you need to do to achieve the growth you desire, whether its further education and learning, or exploring realms beyond what you’ve already known.

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