Musings Monday: Noah Heart

[Image description: There is a photo in a blue frame. In the photo, there is a brown-skinned man with dark hair, glasses, and a long-sleeved shirt who is praying to an angel statue. The blue frame has the words “NOAH HEART” at the top, “DREAMS” to the left, “WISHES” to the right, and “HEALING” at the bottom.]

The first time I remember meeting my uncle was when I returned to Philippines with my father, mother, and brother as a nineteen year old. He read my aura and I thought, here was someone in my family that would understand me. I was still too shy to talk to him, but when I returned four years ago, we connected and he gave me valuable advice about our family’s gifts. He is my father’s cousin, and part of the bloodline of Lola Colo, also known as Sabrina Oppiana Estrella, my great-grandmother, and my father and uncle’s shared grandmother. She was an albularyo/village healer in Guinobatan, Bicol, Philippines, and she is the Ancestor that visits me often in dreams and visions to guide me. I recently reconnected with my uncle again this year, and learned of his healing ministry and practice in Makati, Luzon, and other parts of Philippines. I am so proud of the work my uncle is doing in helping people, and I am proud of supporting that work. Here is a written online interview between him and I.

L: Why are you called Noah Heart, Wish Whisperer and Dream Reader?  

NH:  No heart is the origin of my name. I was broken , depressed and fueled by revenge until i got into a spiritual group where people like me hoped to get answers in the challenges of life.  I noticed a lot of people asking for the meaning of their dreams on that group. Since childhood, i am aware of my gifts however throughout my life i never really used it to other people but my family. It is a first to share it to that group by interpreting dreams and it started with that then one day suddenly someone overseas asked me to try to heal her mom, to my surprised i received the news that her mom was healed.

[Image description: The Noah Heart Dream Reader Facebook page with a picture of Jesus Christ –brown eyes, brown hair and beard, pale skin– in a grey-white cloak. Besides the regular Facebook menu options, it also says “5 out of 5” and “Public figure in Makati”.]

L:  How were you called to be a healer?  

NH:  God is giving me a message at this point. I also realized this is not mine. It was shared to me by the holy spirit to help people. That is when i transition to being called Noah Heart , Wish whisperer.  I whisper to God and to the holy spirit the wishes of people and with his timing and grace they are helping people in ways not even i expected.

[Image Description: The Noah Heart Wish Whisperer Facebook Group Cover Page. There is a photo of a smiling brown-skinned man with dark hair and eyes, and green glasses.]

L:  What are the kinds of healing that you do?  

NH:  I started with interpreting dreams and praying over for wishes. Mostly spiritual healing like Karma cleansing and Aura healing. Common and severe diseases like arthritis, internal organ problems and many more. Healing is unlimited and does not have boundaries but limited to the will and grace of God.

[Image Description: A statue representing the cherubim spirit Daryll, who helps with Healing, Wishes, and Blessings. The statue has a round, pale, pinkish head with brown eyes and wavy brown hair. The neck is surrounded by stylized bluish-white feathers.]

L:  Who are the people that go to you for healing the most? 

NH: All kinds of people whether they need advice for their emotional and spiritual wellness or whether they have diseases that affects their physique. Men, women, old, young and other sexual orientation as well seeks help. Everyone is welcome and i’m more than willing to help regardless of their state

[Image Description: A statue representing the cherubim spirit Louie, who helps with Healing, Wishes, and Blessings. The statue has a round, pale, pinkish head with brown eyes and  straight brown hair. The neck is surrounded by stylized bluish-white feathers.]

L:  How can people support your healing work, in the Philippines and abroad?

NH: I want to reach as much people as possible. Im fortunate enough to worked with like minded individuals who worked with me to help people. We were able to help a lot and i can only imagine the impact we can put in the society if we have enough funds to start more projects and finally establish a foundation that will guide people to God and help them with their problems in life. I hope that you will be a part of our journey that inspires to make this world a better place. The soon to be foundation is Noah Heart Foundation. Heart that gives.

[Image Description: Two clear bottles filled with white-ish oil that have labels which read: “Healing Oil” and “Noah Heart”. There are pictures of the cherubims Daryll and Louie on the white labels. The bottles are on a black table and there is a gold statue in the background.]