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My life’s work is to provide healing and ritual to the communities I serve via art and activism. I can’t charge for the healing work I do (though I can accept donations only if they’re offered). Because of this, the only way to fund my community projects (such as supporting my Elders in building schools in the Philippines and creating sacred retreats in Turtle Island/Canada) is through crowdfunding and patronage through Patreon. I can at least charge for and share all the spoken word, poetry, visual art, music, and creative educational materials I’ve ever made with my patrons. Becoming a patron isn’t just about supporting me, but mainly about supporting community healing.



  1. To assist the Elders and healers in Canada and the Philippines who have supported my training and healing journey. This money will support their livelihood as healers and leaders of their communities, as well as funding projects such as schools for the youth to continue to pass down their indigenous traditions. One of the healers is my uncle, and the Elders I support are from the T’Boli and Manobo tribes.
  2.  To organize weekend creative retreats of sacred knowledge and activism for Filipino/Pilipinx peoples in the diaspora.
  3. To work with and pay Black and Indigenous facilitators to co-organize and co-facilitate weekend creative retreats of sacred knowledge and activism for QTBIPOC (Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour).
  4.  To co-organize and launch an annual week-long creative retreat of sacred knowledge and activism outside of a city (possibly on a participating reserve with Two Spirit Elders).
  5. To co-organize the building of a retreat centre for ceremony, art, and activism that centers Two Spirit communities in solidarity with trans and queer Black folks and people of colour.



Once a week, at minimum, I will post one of the following blog types:
Musings Monday
  • These are blog-style posts that are open to the public and can range on whatever I’m thinking at the time. They will also update everyone on how projects are going. These posts will talk about my uncle, known as Noah Heart, and the Elders I’m supporting.
Troubleshoot Tuesday
  • These are posts that are open only to Children of Aldao ($10 patrons) and beyond. I’ll briefly choose a topic that is a common issue in anti-oppression workshops, or I’ll discuss some of my creative process, and then interact with patrons who respond to the post with their own questions and struggles regarding the topic, or whatever is going on with them creatively or professionally as a workshop facilitator.
Workshop Wednesday
  • These are posts that are open only to Children of Kawayan ($3 patrons) and beyond. These posts will have a poster, handout, activity, and/or workshop tutorial regarding anti-oppression-related workshops I’ve facilitated in the past.
Throwback Thursday
  • These are posts that are open to all patrons. These posts will contain previous music, poetry, spoken word, and/or artwork as far back as 2006.
Fresh Friday
  • These are posts that are open to all patrons. These posts will have the latest news of events I’m doing, or will showcase new work I’ve just completed, before it’s shown to the general public.



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