I offer traditional healing services that, due to the laws of the land, are for entertainment purposes only. This is pay-what-you-can, and priority goes to Indigenous, Black, and Filipino/Pilipinx people.

Services include the following:

  1. Panghuhula. Divination in the form of card reading and throwing shells.
  2. Anito. Spiritwork in the form of working with your ancestors and guides.
  3. Lakas/Usog. Working with your spiritual energy for the holistic improvement of your health.
  4. Payo. Spiritual coaching in regards to psychological and physical well-being.

I also do life coaching based on more Westernized approaches, such as bodywork/somatics, anti-oppression, narrative therapy, peer support, and the arts.

Whether it’s traditional services or life coaching, I always come from a healing justice perspective.

For any questions regarding these services, please email lukayo.estrella@gmail.com. Diyos Mabalos!