Happy New Year! Update

There’s so much and so little I can say about the last year, but for now I just want to send you all my love and hope for the new year that’s begun, as well as update you on what’s next for the Kinaban Patreon.

First, the December article is late, but should be out by the first week or so of January. There won’t be a livestream, it will have a video that’s going to be available for all patrons,  as a gift.

Secondly, 2021 will have different content than the previous year. It will mostly be me getting back to writing poetry and also trying out writing horoscopes. Folks subscribed to the Patreon will get early and total access to all this content, and then folks not subscribed will have access to some of the content a week or so later, on my website and Facebook. There will still be monthly livestream presentations on the Kinaban Discord server, which is free and open to non-patrons, but patrons can have access to the audio recordings and transcripts if they miss the livestream.

I’m also looking forward to updating folks on what’s going on for my teachers and elders that 100% of the Patreon money goes to, as well as online retreats that I may be organizing with other collectives and fundraising for (still in the planning/discussion stages right now).

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who ever has, who continues to, and who is considering supporting this work. Gugurang mabalos!