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A wordslinger and healer from the Bikol diaspora, Lukayo is based on the unceded and unsurrendered territories of the Anishinaabe (Algonquin), in so-called Ottawa, Canada.  When not daydreaming of starting a sanctuary with land defenders and nonbinary priest(esse)s, Lukayo is probably hanging out at their intentional community home made up of other spiritual activist queerdos. Check out Lukayo.com to know more.

Long Bio

Artist, educator, healer.

As a poet, Lukayo competed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word twice as part of an Ottawa team and a Wild Card team. In 2011, they helped coach the Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam Team. Their poetry has been shouted out on national spoken word stages and whispered into local crowded classrooms. The Daily Xtra and 2B Magazine have first dibs to several of Lukayo’s articles, while Breakwater Books accepted one of their essays in the anthology entitled Out Proud: Stories of Pride, Courage, and Social Justice.

Workshops are beloved by Lukayo, as this gives them an opportunity to listen as much as speak. Whether it’s about gender diversity, healthier relationships, or anti-oppression– Lukayo’s workshops offer an interactive experience tailored to a variety of learning styles and collective objectives. It is their lived experience and research that ground their teachings, while faith in collective impact informs their organizing and spiritual counselling.

As a healer, they come from a lineage of traditional healing through their father’s line, and have been mentored by a variety of spiritual teachers and healers of Christian, indigenous, and pagan worldviews. A Master in Social Work from York University and somatic experiencing training complements their practice.

Born in the Philippines of the Bikol people, they are now based on the territories of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, and Wyandot, and currently reside and travel between the cities of Toronto and Ottawa.


Partial or full proceeds of all of Lukayo’s works go to grassroots collectives that support Pilipino/Pilipinx liberation, indigenous sovereignty (in recognition of the territory and land), and Black liberation (in recognition of the historical and ongoing roots of spoken word in Black culture). Email me if you’d like to know specifically who the donations are going to.

This website would not have been possible without the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council’s Access and Career Development Grant.